Revisiting Old Clothes x2

May I present to you one of the least favorite things I’ve ever purchased, this lightweight dress from Old Navy with an elasticized waist:

The color is good, but the front chest pockets are awkward, the elastic waist rode up, and overall the cut wasn’t great. It’s also too fussy–the gathering around the neck and cuffs was just too much. And the neckline is too low.

I also had this skirt. I liked the print (probably why I bought it) but it was poofy on me. I am not a poofy person and really, I hate wearing skirts, no matter how nice the print.

So I cut the skirt off the dress and took the skirt down to pieces. That was satisfying.

I bound the neckline with waistband fabric, intending to use the ikat as detail for the remaining dress. The binding was not as wide as I would have liked but brought interest and structure to an otherwise floppy neck. Also covered the button placket with more of the same. I was going to hand-stitch part of the placket if the dress had worked.

Chopped off the sleeve button and gathering and bound that with scraps. Probably the most successful part of this remake, or rather, the thing I liked the most. I’ll repeat that trick on future projects.

Had to square up the skirt fabric, as it was stretched out of shape pretty badly.

Here’s the finished product. I also covered the waist seam with some fusible binding, but it made the waist so stiff I ripped it off.

The waist seam was the problem. It just looks awkward, some combo of the awkward seam placement and differing fabrics. The problem was ultimately that the dress top was bad, and I couldn’t figure out a way to fix it without just destroying it.

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