Quilting Class

I decided in November to take a two-month (Jan-Feb) art quilt studio course. My pandemic-struck creative mojo has recovered slightly these past three or four months but I’m still seeking ways to give it some life support, and this is one of my attempts.

Two hastily-sketched ideas

I surprisingly came up with an idea almost with no fuss, just Appeared in my head one day. Actually two ideas just showed up and I decided on the Winter Houses one. I thought about it a lot through December and managed to do some initial work on it before class started in January.

Cyanotype printing in progress

The first thing I did was dye fabrics. Normally I don’t do that but I’d like to start creating my own fabrics and prints. So for this project I bought cyanotype fabric and did some printing, and then I tea-dyed a bunch of muslin. Cyanotype requires sunlight and we had just barely enough direct sun in December to get it done, but I had to leave them outside for an hour or more each time for them to develop correctly.

Cyanotype houses cut out, “windows” cut out

Class started and I finished my planning while we did some actual learning. It’s weird to sew for a really long time before taking your first class where professional people actually know what they are doing. I’ve basically heard our instructor describe every sewing and quilting mistake I’ve ever made through trial and error. So that’s fun.

Windows sewn on. Starting to piece the houses and ground together, above.

At this point the quilt top is mostly together, and there’s only one more class. I’ve done most of the piece work in class because due to Craft Room Shelving Disasters and General Life Things I haven’t had a lot of time outside class to work on it.

Still, I’ve done most of the piecing and appliqué for the quilt. I have just one more piece of fabric for the sky I’ve decided to dye. I’m going to try to resist dye it a pale blue with salt.

Example of a mounted quilt from class

I plan to dye the fabric and finish the last bit of piecing and appliqué before the next class. Ha! Maybe, if I have time. Famous last words. Hopefully in the last class I will make the Quilt Sandwich and baste it for quilting and embroidery. I’ll have to do the quilting, embroidery and binding myself after class.

I haven’t taken as many process photos as I intended to but I guess doing the work is more important!

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