May Making

Although I had quite a few days of mood I like to call I DON’T FEEL LIKE IT, I managed to make quite a few clothing items in May.

I made a knit jersey dress for my younger daughter out of tie dye fabric. It’s slightly too big, but that’s okay, she can wear it longer! It’s so soft and comfortable, and she really likes to twirl in it. And isn’t twirling the most important thing?

I’ve been thinking about creating a granny square crochet/sewing dress for a daughter of mine since my first was born. Finally it happened!

I had some leftover yarn from some hats I made them a couple of years ago, and I found some bright madras plaid fabric to go with it. I drafted a simple dress and sewed the granny squares to it. Voila! SUPER CUTE DRESS.

I have dubbed this the Rorschach shirt because of the ink pattern.

Summary: I made a pattern from my favorite summer Cynthia Rowley shirt, and made a new shirt – this one! I’m very excited about this shirt because it fits well, is very comfortable, and I love the fabric. Gonna make more! So good.

This is another from the same self-made pattern as the Rorschach shirt, this time in a beefier cotton knit with an abstract diamond pattern. It is similarly very comfortable and easy to wear, and I think that I would like to make more of these shirts! This may be all I wear in the summer.

This is a final tunic from the pattern I’ve been altering. I lowered the neckline, created more of an A-line shape, increased the side slits and tried to take out material in the upper bust area. It was a somewhat successful attempt although it still feels too loose in the shoulder/bust area. It’s a nice weight for summer though and I love the color and the double gauze fabric. I think I’m going to give up on this pattern and look for another one that fits better though!

Some fabric and some patterns that I want to make. I kind of sorted it all out after I did some unplanned fabric buying, and now I have a list of things that I want to make this summer.

And that is all for May 2021 making.

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