March Ink

I’ve made three more drawings which are also paintings because I’m just feeling the paint this month. Maybe it’s spring and color coming back to the earth?

Week 9, Wave

A tower on a hill and a town down the hill. Overpowered by whatever radio or other way

Years ago in high school, I turned to my friend Angie and said “I wonder what’s here that we don’t have the senses to know about?” Radio and other electronic waves are things we have instruments to sense but we can’t sense or see them. But I have a feeling if we could they’d be as overwhelming as they are here. Tools: Ink, pencil and watercolor pencils.

Week 10, Other thing

On the horizon is a small city looking dirty. Hovering overhead threateningly, a giant bilious-looking covid-19 virus.

Week 10’s prompt was elf, which I did, but I didn’t like it. I really need to work on faces. I’m substituting this other thing I did about how I feel about this Covid virus hanging over us all. It feels threatening and icky and even if we can’t see it it’s STILL THERE and I’m getting tired of being in my house.

Week 11, Tower

Six cute little monsters of all sizes and shapes play ball on a playground. One significantly towers over the rest.

My little 5YO suggested the Eiffel Tower for this prompt, but I wasn’t feeling it so I drew this for her. Secretly this is how I see children – all different and unique and cute little terrors. This is my wish for all the tiny monsters to be safe and loved and happy and also to play nicely together even if they’re different. Tools: ink and watercolor.

Week 12, Elephant

An elephant with its trunk raised is decorated by colorful bands of embellishment common in mandala drawings and paintings. The subject matter and style is SE Asian in origin.

The last one for March is Elephant. This is a type of drawing called a mandala elephant for the decorative features. I happen to love these so I decided to do one. Elephants are one of my favorite things – a fact few people know. It’s even the icon for my business, because elephants are smart and have good memories, and are an image of good luck and prosperity in the parts of the world they’re found. Tools: pencil for sketching and ink for the rest.

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