March & April Making Roundup

Another two months drifted by! Here’s what I’ve been up to on the Making Things front.

1. Blue Ikat shirt: really need a better photo!. I further edited this shirt to redo the neckline so it would lie flat, and I also removed the longer tail in back. This was made from a tunic pattern edited to add an FBA.

2. Rust tunic. I made an (ill-advised but still workable) adjustment to the patttern that I made the ikat shirt from, and it became this rust-colored linen tunic. The adjustment was almost fine, but made it a bit tight across the shoulders and upper back.

3. Purple Star Shirt. I gave children’s clothing a try with this hacked t-shirt. I cut the back pattern piece into three, and then added two gathered sections to the bottom for a swing shirt effect. It’s super cute!

4. Sewing Plan. One day I went through my fabric stash and created a plan for using up a lot of the fabric that I have, and this is almost most likely my plan for sewing through the summer (with a couple of additions of course because who doesn’t need impromptu projects?).

5. Ruffle Hem Dresses. This was supposed to be an “easy” project back when I came up with it in winter 2020. Just sew some ruffles onto the bottom of a pre-made shirt! Well, it wasn’t easy or quick to make so many feet of ruffles and sew them on as it turns out. But it ended up really cute and my kids like them.

6. The Dress that Wasn’t. I tried to turn an old skirt of mine into a dress for my daughter. I was almost done with it when I realized that I really didn’t have enough fabric for both skirt pieces. I got really, really frustrated and threw it all away. Then I bought more fabric to make the dress again.

7. Blue Stripe Shirt. This is the first shirt of my Summer 2021 Making P lan. This shirt is arguably my most successful clothing make to date, because this is a shirt I will actually wear (unlike the two above, which are likely to not be worn much if at all). I really like the combination of fabric and pattern. I liked the pattern so much that I made it into a tunic, although I should really make a permanent pattern for This Exact Shirt Right Here.

8. Turquoise Tunic. This is the same pattern as the blue stripe shirt, but with a different neckline and lengthened into a tunic. Based on the last shirt having too much fabric in the ches, I sized down this time. It now fits perfectly in the shoulders/upper chest, but I took out too much in the lowr chest, as it turns out, which then upset the delicate balance of the bust dart. I also learned a lot about converting a shirt into a tunic (i.e. you have to make space for your butt and hips). I think the neckline is too narrow also. I’ve drafted yet a third version of this shirt-tunic, which I will make in May, checking the bust dart before it’s done!

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