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I’m totally ALL about the challenges this year, because it’s a year for pushing myself to do new things and incorporate more of the stuff I love. Although I’ve been sewing (even difficult stuff) for about 25 years, I’ve never been able to get into sewing clothing.

I think I haven’t really tried before because the challenge of fitting flat pieces of cloth over my completely-not-flat body has been just too much to deal with. I tried to learn for a little while, but I got very frustrated by sewing complexities I didn’t know how to deal with. And then after I had kids I wasn’t even sure how to cope with my revised body for a while so I not only didn’t sew, I flailed generally with clothes. I had zero style and lots of cheap knit jersey stuff for 5+ years.

Part of my sewing reluctance is also that Big 4 pattern sizing doesn’t seem to have much (any?) relationship to my own form. How could I turn those ill-fitting patterns into edgy made-to-measure clothes, not funky ill-fitting homemade junk? It took a while to discover other options and methods and alterations to deal with my style and my measurements.

MimiG’s pattern line on Simplicity was maybe the first group of patterns I came across where I thought – this pattern isn’t just for a skinny suburban clothes-hanger! MimiG was a gateway drug, if you will 😂. From there I found other indie pattern-makers, and the Curvy Sewing Collective and eventually Cashmerette launched. I bought the Appleton wrap dress just to support her effort without having any ability to sew it!

The upswell of body positivity I’ve been seeing these past few years, particularly in the sewing community (high fashion is still not so friendly), has been super inspiring for me. The idea I can have style as myself, with all my complexities, is exciting. I very much value the w–i–d–e variety of people who sew – people of different cultures, colors, ages, styles, experiences, and backgrounds.

So this is me dipping my toes into the sewing world rather than lurking and watching! I’m doing some simple stuff to start, repetition, basics. Nothing too hard but with good techniques, and things I will actually use, and stuff I can figure out my serger with.

I thought the Make 9 would be good because it isn’t monthly, which I think would freak me out. 9 means “whenevs” and “as it happens” but is still enough to make me feel like I’ve accomplished something.

Details below.

Choose 9 Pattern Layout

1 & 2 – leggings & top for each kid using McCall’s 6275 – girls’ leggings and View C top

3 – full length and capri leggings for me. Kwik Sew 3636 women’s leggings, views B and C

4 – 100 Acts of Sewing Dress No. 2 in linen. Cool lady, great sewing project.

5 – 100 Acts of Sewing Dress No. 2 in cotton

6 – Cashmerette Concord T-shirt – short sleeve version (maybe the long tunic version). Had to include one of her patterns!

7 – Cashmerette Concord T-shirt – long sleeve version

8 – Pajama pants for my husband. Why not?

9 – Simplicity 1067 women’s unlined coat – either A (shawl collar), E (collar with hood) or D (no collar). I love jackets, thought this would be a good challenge.

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