January, February roundup

This post is mostly for me, to remember what it was that I did in January and February:

January: Bodega Bay quilt

For most of January I worked on this small art quilt, and actually got it finished. It was a finish 10 years in the making.

January: ABCs quilt

This was another older one, which I finished off and put a hanging bar on, and it’s now hanging in my daughters’ room AT LONG LAST.

February: The Be-Hatting

In January/early February I finished two heart-themed hats for my daughters that match their coats, just in time for winter’s coldest days.

February: The Orange Blanket

Another project I started some time ago, I made the last squares and finished sewing this one together for my partner in his favorite colors.

February: The Asymmetric Shirt

Back into my efforts to make clothes for myself, I finally finished this gray knit v-neck shirt that I cut most of out more than a year ago. I also seriously edited down those green pants you see there.

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