Inktober Week 4+

This is the last post for October 2019’s attempt to sketch/draw every day. I’m so behind posting about it! But I did the drawing, that was the damn point.

Some days were really tough and not enjoyable. Some days I didn’t draw, some days I did 2 or 3. Some days it was a joy, some days a burden. But in the end I’m glad I made the effort to try my best, at least.

Realized I did day 22 in week three, but oh well!

Day 23, Ancient

We went to the Houston Museum of Natural History once to see dinosaur skeletons but … they freaked out the kids! So we spent more of our time in the ancient sea portion of the exhibit, where there were all these cool shells of nautiluses. I think cephalopods one general are tremendously interesting but the real thing is … HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE AN ANCIENT LOGARITHMIC SPIRAL CREATURE?

I can’t resist, clearly.

Day 24, Dizzy

My drawings have been unsurprisingly autobiographical but I think they got more that way as the month progressed. This, for example, is about a chronic illness I have, wherein I get migraines whose aura resembles a stroke. I don’t get them as frequently now, but for about 20 years they were a bizarre and frightening fact of life. I’ve ended up in the ER getting scanned a number of times.

This is a great example of medical sexism, too. It took me 14 years to get a diagnosis. Two doctors (male and female) told me I was just neurotic (a particularly feminine-applied word) and wasting their time. Another prescribed Xanax, another pain pills. They told me I was too heavy, too anemic, they asked me if I did drugs. Another doctor told me that as a woman, I couldn’t possible have a neurological disorder at my age. Eventually I was tested for cardiac issues, seizures, strokes, heavy metal poisoning, allergies, etc.

But eventually: migraine.

Day 25, Tasty

Really is there anything like a wonderful hot cup of coffee in a beautiful mug? This mug is a real one, and features a classic Marimekko flower pattern, a favorite of mine.

Day 26, Dark

There were dark days once, in the dark, wondering if this was all there would ever be. I learned that all things change eventually, and so I learned to love change.

Day 27, Coat

These are bright days full of laughter and fun with rosy cheeks and sparkling eyes. These are the days you hold onto forever no matter how things change, bright and shining in your mind.

Day 28, Ride

This is what happens when you ask your family about what to draw for the word “ride.” The kids insisted the most hilarious ride is a Bird scooter, and what if that’s what Santa had to use? Thereupon my partner remarked, “So, a hipster Santa?” And this silly drawing was born.

Day 29, Injured

Ever faced a child with a cut so minute you can’t see it having a complete meltdown? Yeah. Me too. This is why you buy character band aids, so as to minimize or at least distract from the TERRIBLE trauma of the injury.

Day 30, Catch

The most famous catch of all, the deal with the Devil. Faust seemed appropriate, with a few cliched references to the devil.

Being as how I’ve studied the actual literary and cultural origins of demons and the devil I struggle to take any of it seriously. Please don’t talk to me about how 666 or goats are demonic. I will laugh.

Day 31, Ripe

Actual apple eaten in my house, a Pink Lady. And quite ripe. Gave this one effort, as it was the last day, and was pleased with approximately 85% of this one.

And that is all of my semi-autobiographical October drawing efforts!

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