Inktober Week 3

Week 3 of Inktober, a bit behind posting these. The 10 final drawings in another post …

Day 15, Legend

Legend of a fantasy map. This is a brief sketch, just drawing ideas on the fly, but honey, if you give me some time and paper I can really get way into these maps. I can’t imagine when I’d ever have the time but if I could do anything, I would work all day on a book of maps of all kinds and short stories to go with them.

Day 16, Wild

Wildflowers, in this case the gaillardia, or blanket flower. I didn’t get the color balance I wanted on this, I think I didn’t stop when I should have. This and daisies are my favorite flowers.

Day 17, Ornament

Architecture is one of my favorite things and has been since I was about four. I like all kinds of architecture and styles from highly ornamented (gothic, Victorian) to super modern. For this one I thought of our tour guide in Chicago, when we did an architecture Boat Tour. His most of-repeated phrase was “Flat Roof, No Ornament” by which you can determine certain modern styles, and then more info on those buildings without it. Endlessly fascinating to me. So here is some Victorian roofline ornament.

Day 18, Misfit

Some days you struggle to come up with something to draw, other days you draw an old Misfits tshirt you have. And blood. Because, well, yeah.

Day 19, Sling

I had run out of energy and was feeling defeated and tired about this point. Sling? It was too hard, and I was trying to juggle school and work and dinner and this, and I almost gave up.

And then I somehow managed to turn the prompt into this drawing and a science lesson with my daughter about asteroids and planetary bodies and gravity. So the lesson is, when life gives you Sling, you fucking hand back slingshot gravitational orbits.

Day 20, Tread

I did something personal and am not sharing it.

Day 21, Treasure

Still in the holy-shit-I’m-tired-and-have-to-much-to-do-maybe-I-should-quit period. Again turned near-defeat into a sketch from my life. This is my younger daughter’s coat, which as usual was lying on the floor in a crumpled heap.

She was telling me about a cedar tree but she had and I realized – She’s telling me about her treasure! So I had her empty her pockets and drew what she produced, all while she told me about it all.

To be honest, I’m glad this drawing made me stop and look at what she had and listen to her rather than dismissing her and having her hang up her coat.

Day 22, Ghost

This is me looking down at the trash from my house. The usual bags of trash and recycling, and one box of old high school shit.

A lot of really ugly stuff happened to me in high school. Opening boxes to go through them is tough for me. I put off opening this box for six months. And I was glad to see it go. I threw out 99% of what I found, and still, on the curb, it seemed to LURK at me.

It’s poorly drawn, just a sketch of an emotion, but rather evocative in its raw state.

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