Inktober Week 2

Seven more drawings! That’s almost half! I might make it! This week was full of color, and I did some more with paint, and I added colored pens and even markers to it, as the ideas struck. My ideas aren’t quite the same as other folks with the prompts, and I’m definitely not the art student many people participating are!

Day 8: Frail.

This one was just pen on paper. I drew my hand with some lettering and if you can read it you know exactly what I think about frailty and my hands! This is my left hand, which has nerve damage and lost both feeling and strength, but despite me being able to stick a pin in my index without hurting is still very useful. Hands have the thinnest bones and most delicate vessels but despite apparent frailty are so tough still.

Day 9: Swing.

I imagine this is a swing hanging on clouds. As she swings the breeze blows through her hair and ruffles her dress, and she feels free, weightless, almost like she’s flying, like tiny fluttery pieces of her are drifting away in the wind. Watercolor background (not quite this dark IRL) with different colors of pen.

Day 10: Pattern.

This is a tired bunny sleeping under a patterned quilt. No meaning, just a sleepy cute rabbit. All colored pen.

Day 11: Snow.

I was trying to think how to draw white snow with a black pen and this is what I came up with. Watching the sunset through the night-dark branches of trees in the fall and winter is one of my favorite visual things, so I borrowed some of my kids’ markers and gave myself a sunset. Would like to live here, or at least visit!

Day 12: Dragon.

Around this point I thought it would be fun to do some ink on paint, watercolor in this case. This one is a baby dragon hatching on a riverbank. The imagery comes from the Rain Wilds books by Robin Hobb, in which this happened. I spent a lot of time on this but … I had to stop in an awkward place twice, so I really wish I could go back and do this again and fix the things with the egg I want to fix but this is fine!

Day 13: Ash

Another ink-on-watercolor. This is a ceramic jar which holds my first cat’s ashes. Very cheerful impulse, but I lost my cat Callie in July so it’s on my mind. I now have three of these, for pets I’ve lost. They don’t stay out but they stay with me. Still miss all of them.

Day 14: Overgrown

Thought a while about overgrown, and thought as out a house with vines and stuff but it just seemed meh. Then I thought of this – a person who has outgrown the status quo, then normal, the expected, the permitted (all the other figures). The type of people we all look up to that have courage and something to say, and actually say it. This definitely has a Keith Haring flavor which wasn’t intentional but I don’t mind.

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