Inktober Week 1

I’ve been participating in Inktober as a way to push myself to actually do some art every once in a while, and with varying results. Ink isn’t actually my favorite thing, because it’s so permanent, but it will push me to try new things. I’ll just make some commentary below on them.

The hardest thing about this is time. I don’t have much, or sometimes any, spare time. Trying to come up with an idea and execute it with any degree of skill is hard when you’re constantly working or parenting, and when I’m done with those I’m usually too tired to summon up anything else.

Day 1, prompt Ring.

I felt a little paralyzed by the thought of the challenge so instead of doing anything formal I just sketched things that came to mind when I thought of the word ring. The custard tart showed up because I was watching Great British Bakeoff!

Day 2: Mindless.

I rather like these cards. And the whisky. This looks like my drawing style. It is what I do when I’m wanting a mental break. I had a really difficult summer on several fronts, and I played a stupendous number of games of solitaire in odd moments when I was feeling particularly overwhelmed or upset.

Day 3: Bait.

Worms of course. And then I thought of dissecting worms, and then I combined them into wondering if people who put worms on hooks ever think about how miraculous and complicated that tiny worm is inside, and what a wonder of biology it is that they function the way they do, or how much of our ecosystem depends on them.

Day 4: Freeze.

I drew 2 things, one silly sketch for my kids about brain freezes, and one serious drawing about guns and death. When I hear the word FREEZE it makes me think of someone who’s standing there not moving, afraid for their life, not knowing if this breath, this whispered prayer under their breath, this hope for survival is their last breath and thought. Guns, whose only purpose is death, are the common threat behind that command to freeze. In looking for an image to draw, I found one with the instructions “Read manual before use” which seemed odd to me, as so little really (no background checks, no name, no residential address, no skill with a firearm, no classes required) must be proven here in this country before a gun is purchased and used.

Day 5: Build

I had a lot of thoughts about the word build, but eventually decided upon a mandala, which builds outward from a center. It was partially due to being very tired and without time. This mandala is flat on one side and my elements aren’t particularly thrilling to me. I went back and painted it the next day, which is usually what I do with mandalas. I have drawn ones I really like, this one was kind of meh, but I congratulated myself for drawing something while tired.

Day 6: Husky and Day 7: Enchanted

When I was looking at other drawings for Husky, mostly I saw drawings of the dog! What I thought of was Marlene Dietrich and Adele, possessors of fabulously husky voices. So I decided to listen to Adele’s 21 album, and the image of setting fire to the rain caught my imagination. Here are two people setting fire to the rain: is it the passion of two people falling in love? the emotional turbulence of anger? the warmth and heat of a long companionship? the care and understanding of a good friendship?

I decided this one would also do for the next day’s prompt, enchanted. I probably read too many books in which strong emotion really might have a physical effect through magic. Maybe they are elves in love, people, you don’t know.

So ends week 1 of Inktober, not a bad result.

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