Fuzzy Warm Vest

I’ve been starting to make clothes for myself and for my family, and this is my first attempt to make something NICE for me. This is a vest with a shawl collar, lengthened to nearly knee-length, with big patch pockets. It’s made in a black-and-white plaid knit fabric with one-way stretch and a fuzzy hand.

Miriam sits with leaves in her vest


This is New Look 6397, View C without the extra trim on the shoulders and pockets. It has a shawl collar and big patch pockets.

I made it about 8 or so inches longer. I didn’t extend the collar the full length and you can see where the vest would have ended up if I’d left it short.

Miriam wearing her vest

Pattern Review: B-

This is a fairly simple pattern – just seven pieces including both pockets, so it came together pretty fast, even for me. I thought the directions for the shawl collar could use some help but I used common sense and did what looked good. I think that their plan for creating and securing the arm holes was iffy and kind of unfinished. The armholes are the least “finished” of the elements of this vest. I also think they should have mentioned when it was appropriate to finish (serge) the seams of the shoulders.

Vest back

Fabric Review: B

I think the fabric is soft and fluffy and of a medium weight, which was a good choice for the type of vest I was going for. I unfortunately also think that it is unlikely to wear well over time. I think that it will likely pill and get overly fuzzy. It was almost too stretchy (horizontally) for this pattern but held up well and didn’t stretch out. It took a lot of sewing/serging for it to feel like this had any structure though!

Fuzzy fabric up close

General Comments:

This fabric has one-way stretch which I put on the horizontal, so that the jacket won’t gradually get longer during the day.

I didn’t pattern match AND YOU CAN’T MAKE ME. No seriously, I did some on the pockets, but it could have used some pattern-matching on the shoulders and sides. However, I’m just (a) not that good of a pattern sewer yet and (b) I really wanted to use this particular plaid anyway even though I knew I wouldn’t pattern match. The jacket looks nice anyway, IMHO, since the front is separate pieces and the back is all one piece.

Vest side view

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