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I’ve been wanting to check out the beta of My Body Model for quite a while, and I finally did so today. I can now report back that it’s pretty damn cool! It was super easy to use – I signed up, put in my measurements, realized I’d measured myself wrong, adjusted, paid and downloaded. Done. The only thing that really took any time were re-doing my measurements.

I promptly opened Sketchbook and sketched a quick outfit on my croquis. These aren’t pieces I have a pattern of , just what came to mind while staring at my body. Hair was a problem, which I’ll work on. I look a bit like I have a bald spot.

Looooooong Jacket

The outfit is a short-sleeve jacket made of a stripe or herringbone, somewhat structured, straight and knee-lenght. It’s a favorite silhouette of mine, but not one I have much of because I can’t find it in stores AT ALL. I drew in a dark navy tee and slim gray pants.

My first thought in exploring this is – details! Planning-by-croquis lets me add to or subtract from the basic outfit idea easily. I see things I might not otherwise have thought of. I played with the idea of a navy side stripe on the pants. Or what if I pair some raw edges at neck and hem with the structured lines? Might look interesting! I also realized I’m not going to be happy with wide-leg pants. I like them on other people but pretty much never on me.

Herringbone Jacket, gray pants and navy t-shirt on My Body Model
A herringbone knee-length jacket, gray slim pants and navy t-shirt on my first personalized croquis from My Body Model

Good Clothing is a Process

Although I’ve been sewing for 20 years, I just started sewing clothes. Sewing the outfit I drew is outside my sewing abilities at the moment, but I’m aiming high. I’d like to make a lot more of my clothes – maybe not all, but a lot of them. I’m going to concentrate on learning to make unique statement pieces with specific requirements like the jacket above. For example, the short sleeves, crew neck with no collar, and length are things I can’t find. I also want to do my own style of shaping in the body and also avoid shaping where I don’t want it.

These days, I go into my closet and nothing feels like it’s what I want to wear. It’s sad because I really like clothes. I struggle to find things at stores that fit what I want and my gender-neutral self ends up coming home with an excess of black-and-white stripes. I get stuck a lot with t-shirts, jeans, converse, forgiving knits, and … oh right, that’s pretty much it. It’s boring, and it’s plain, and lord what I wouldn’t do for a decently fitted orange jacket some days. Yet in every store – women’s clothes sport tacky frills and embellishments and men get plain, boring dark stuff. Androgynous clothing stores aren’t an alternative. The assumption seems to be that if you don’t want to look feminine you want to look masculine. Can’t I just be neither?

I cobble things together, but I know that it’s time to work out and produce a style of my own. It will be nice to have clothing that’s colorful and minimal, but mostly, ME.

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