April Ink

Due to personal events taking up a lot of my time, as well as a month of quarantine, I felt a lot less creative than usual in April. Typically it’s a time of intense creativity brought on by the season, so I’m really feeling this change in circumstances this year.

Week 13, Joy

Line art drawing of red poppies with blue stems and sprigs of lavender. Splatter decorates the background.

Posted March 30: As I said on Instagram, this is probably the most ME drawing I’ve done for any of the inktober prompts in both topic and style. It’s slightly but not totally abstract, the colors are among my favorites, and flowers are something that have always brought me joy. It was really pleasant to draw these and I’ve drawn several similar things since. Tools: pencil, ink and watercolor

Inktober Week 14, Green View

A red adirondack chair sits on a beach by the sea, positioned at the end of a garden with green shrubs, trees, and grass. Three paving stones lead to the chair.

April 2: April’s prompts all have to do with color, and this is the first, GREEN. Quite clearly COVID 19 is affecting the way I think, because I was imagining this was the end of my beautiful garden and I was sitting here in this chair staring out to sea, with a drink to hand and nothing to do. Tools: Mostly ink (03) with color from pencils

Week 15, Seeing RED

A caricature of a person turned into a monster by anger, drawn entirely in red and black ink with a red surrounding decoration.

A;ril 9. I polled my family for inspiration about the prompt RED and chose the response ANGER. Red is my favorite color and often means other things to me – vibrancy, flowers, barns and old trucks, but I chose anger today. Like the child monsters I drew before, this caricature is a bit of how I see people in my head when someone gets angry. Anger is big and dramatic and bold and serves a purpose. It also makes people into a caricature, a clown, a monster if they aren’t careful and can’t let it go or delve into other emotions. I have lots of experience of anger in my life, it’s definitely personified for me. Tools: pencil and ink.

Week 16, Blue Whimsy

A pen drawing of a tiny toadstool house with a butterfly perched on it sitting under blue flowers in the grass.

April 16: This one was a bit whimsical and off the cuff. I like fairy houses and gnomes in gardens and blue flowers. If I hadn’t been drawing blue the flower would have been yellow but let’s not get bogged down by reality shall we? Tools: pencil and ink.

Week 17, Yellow Field

April 23, last color prompt, this one yellow. It was pretty obvious I had to sketch this from a photo I took while lying in the grass. There’s a field of goldenrod/yarrow I walk by a lot on our daily outings to parks. The whole field is covered to the point it’s hard to notice everything else. I mean, I suppose there’s green to but who could notice beyond the flowering plants? Tools: pencil and ink

Week 18, Praying Mantis

April 30, I chose not to participate in this one. I didn’t really feel much about the prompt.

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