Just some posts of abstract art I did in April.

The Cloisters and the cloister gardens, New York City
Sunset in Flagstaff, Arizona. It’s got hills, it’s got pine trees, and I always seem to be driving through Flagstaff at sunset. It sticks with you.
Pacific City, Oregon – a place I’ve had a lot of happy memories.
Mountain. Specifically, the naked mountains of California where there are no trees and it’s all very graphic and the sky is big and blue.
Forest. I was trying out ink blog water color techniquest and drew the forest in gold paint marker. It reads like a fantasy map to me.
My daughter drew a city scape and asked me to color it in, and this is the result. She gives challenging tests of my paintint abilities.
Abstract plant line drawings, fall
Abstract floral line drawings, summer
A collection of abstract line drawings.

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