about this blog

in an ideal world, this is a travelogue, and i post photos of exotic libraries and read books written in latin and describe the joy of customizing a miniature home on wheels.

in real life, i travel and explore through books, try to raise two girls to be thoughtful and compassionate adults, have sadly forgotten most of the latin i knew, and work hard to find time for the creativity and constant learning that’s essential to me, but often lost in a life that’s way too busy for me to even think straight.

this blog is as much me keeping track of the things i think i’m doing as it is a chance to write and record. it contains entries about reading and sewing and probably gardening, and maybe some bad jokes here and there.

i love you if you get the joke in the title, but don’t blame you if you don’t. it is, shall we say, of a particular time and place, but this is definitely not a blog about actual coherent light (which does not talk, that’s just me).