2021 Winter Hats (that match)

Most winters I make the girls new winter hats. I don’t make a lot of their clothes and stuff but this is something I can definitely accomplish. This year I made them heart-themed hats that exactly match their coats!

Two kids playing in the snow with crocheted beanies on that match their coats.

They have ombré coats with fur trim so I used the colors in the coats and attached fur pompons to the top.

My younger daughter’s hat has six rows of mini hearts created using shell stitch. I used a pattern which will remain unmentioned because I had to fix the pattern to make it work. The way it was written had a different number of stitches on the rows! It wasn’t great. But I made it work just fine. The brim is a stretch brim.

Light aqua crochet beanie with royal blue, teal, and turquoise hearts and a fur pompon on top.

My older daughter’s hat uses simple color work and has larger hearts. I like this technique but I don’t use it that often because it’s really not very stretchy. However, it makes good patterns and since I made it to fit her head exactly it will be just fine. I created the pattern myself and did a basic stretch brim.

Purple crocheted beanie with pink color work hearts and stripes, and a fur pompon on top.

This is my third and final hat of the year. I also made a stretch beanie out of natural brown alpaca for my brother with a blue alpaca brim. Also of note is that I finished four projects in January which has to be some kind of record lately!

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